Summary & Objectives

“Let’s Unify IT” is Eramus+ strategic partnership project. The aim of the project is to create a joint IT teaching programme, which could be used in EU countries. Unified teaching programme will help institutions and other educational organizations to carry out the teaching of IT specialists, organize international internships and apply this programme in ECVET teaching process.
“Let’s Unify IT” project was financed by European Commission programme Erasmus+. The project connected six vocational schools from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Spain and Portugal for one reason – to create a united vocational training programme for IT specialists.

Important dates
• The project started in 2015;
• The duration of the project is two years;
• Students’ internships are planned according to the prepared project programme in 2018.

Why this project?
The idea to create a unified international vocational training programme was created by schools’ teachers who several years together organised international professional excellence contests for IT students. It became clear that schools have similar IT teaching programmes, but the curricula of that programme, methodical material, subjects and planned number of hours are different. In the end the teachers decided that it is time to create a new, innovative, united teaching programme for IT students from vocational schools. It was expected that this new programme will make international cooperation easier as well as joint international events and internships will become more appealing and effective for students and more easily applied in ECVET system.

Why is this project important?
• The experience of the teachers from different countries helped to foresee the new programme’s opportunities for the future;
• A new programme, which has 20 modules, was created in English and can be used in any other ES country;
• The quality of the international mobility projects will improve as it will be easier to agree on the programme of the internships.

Expected results after starting applying the new IT programme:
• Unified IT programme will correspond to fast changing needs of IT sector;
• Exchange of good practices among IT teachers from different countries;
• More, better and longer international internships for IT students;
• IT students will become more flexible and able to integrate in changing labour market;
• IT specialists will have more possibilities to find job abroad.